Thursday, February 13, 2014

7 Science Valentines That ACTUALLY Work


Nestled in the heart of the WORST month of the year, this perfunctory holiday excels at parting fools with their money. The only thing keeping this tradition alive is secret lobbying from industries that produce chocolate, jewelry and collector's editions of Notting Hill. All of these things are close to worthless

Valentines themselves are pretty cute, though.

St. Valentinus, while in prison for marrying Christians, fell unrealistically in love with his jailer's daughter and began sending her letters signed "Your Valentine". A tradition was born, one that would eventually resurrect in the hands of blushing, paste-covered schoolchildren.

Here are 7 cute science Valentines, just in time to print off and stuff into those hand-made Valentines reception envelopes made of red construction paper. You make those at work, right? I'm a student, I don't know.

My favourite is the Carbon Dating one. If I were to just hand that to someone on a piece of paper, I would definitely end up at home, alone, eating chocolate and trying to watch Notting Hill through the glare from my new diamond ring.

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