Monday, February 25, 2013

Compound Interest


You'd be surprised: almost everything is a compound. Steel, glass, water, raccoons  - all compounds. Compounds are not just piles of colourful dust or things pharmacists pretend to make while they lounge in the back so you can't see them playing online poker.

I'll fill your prescription.. right after I clean house with this pair of  queens

Compounds make you up and fill the world around you, and they are simply substances that contain more than one element.

Compound Sound

Here's a cool site with short, fascinating podcasts on a variety of compounds like hemoglobin and ozone and THC. The 6-minute episodes detail the historical and cultural relevance of everyday and arcane substances, and are narrated by British scientists with cute accents:

Click a compound, listen and learn! They have an iTunes subscription link, too.

If you're more interested in single elements, here's a periodic table of elements with podcasts on things like iron or sulfur or Einsteinium:

TLDR: humans are compounds too

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